Pink Floyd Album Cover Design

For this project I had to find a band or individual musician that I admire, from any musical genre & then choose three albums by this artist & re-design them. The designs needed to be thought provoking, conceptually unique, & had to work well together as a cohesive set of images. I also had to take into consideration the metaphors & signifiers that grasped the essence of my artist visually. 


Pink Floyd is a band that is known for their dynamic, dream-like visuals & transcending music. I wanted to represent these elements through a wide spectrum of colors & geometric elements by mixing powerful iconography, like the eye, through a variety of photographed & vectored images.

Album Variations

The first iteration of my album covers were experimentations of my key concepts that I had roughly sketched out in my notes. These digital manifestations were integral to my process in assisting me to narrow down a cohesive set & narrative for my album covers. 

My second progression was a more refined version of the first. These three sets show the evolution of my narrative & the chosen signifiers I wished to pursue. By utilizing photographed elements in this iteration, I experimented with scale & it is here that I found my focus on the powerful imagery & impact of the eye.   

This last iteration really helped to ground a cohesive theme throughout the three chosen albums. I introduced a stronger visual presence of the geometric shapes, prismatic colors & integrated the photographed imagery within it.