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Doin Good Package Design & Branding

Goal: Create an original & highly conceptual beverage brand concept.

Challenge:  It must be realized in a series of two or more packages & also address concerns of sustainability within the packaging.

inspiration & Ideation 

The concept for this branding project revolves around three charities that would receive proceeds from each purchase. Buyers choose the charity of their choice by picking the package design associated with it. Refined & conscious choices of color & type create the overall look & feel of a whimsical & handcrafted vibe.

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Doin Good Mission

Here at Doin Good our mission is to spread good vibes in our local community and strive to do good for all of humanity and we want you to feel the same when you enjoy our beers.


Doin Good Brew is a beer meant to spread good vibes and good karma. As you enjoy this tasty craft ale you will be certain that the positive vibes you let out are supported by your purchase. Each year we choose three organizations and donate a part of our proceeds to them. The organization you decide to help depends on the bottle you choose, designed by local artists with love and care.


The NFF was created with a simple mission, to bring people together to restore and enhance our National Forests and Grasslands. This charity helps to plant trees and maintain heritage sites for generations to enjoy.


For over sixty years, the National Federation of the Blind has been the leading source for helping blind and those with low-vision find the resources, support and hope they need to lead the lives they want. This charity helps the visually impaired with services to assist their needs and is represented with a matte textured surface on the bottle. 

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The Water Project helps to end the water crisis and restore hope. They provide access to clean, safe and reliable water across sub Saharan Africa one community at a time. Each time this bottle is purchased a proceed of the sales goes to this amazing charity. 

Our Charities

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So the next time someone

asks you, “How You Doin?”


you can confidently say,

”I'm Doin Good.” 

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