Angel of Death Illustration

For this project I had to choose a fictional creature, a non-existent being that fascinated me. I then had to create a series of visual explorations around the creature. Each variation had to be different and unique. The key challenge was to use different mediums to visualize the creature & explore the best way to represent the qualities of it through these various mediums.

Razor Blades & Thumb Tacks 


The Angel of Death seen, in Guillermo del Toro's Hellboy II, is a hauntingly beautiful & morbid creature. Even though it is seen only briefly in the film, the creature leaves a lasting impression through it's mysterious & visually striking features. I wanted to play with this sense of mystery, as well as focus on the painstaking details that Guillermo del Toro breathes into each creature.

Mixed Media: Digital Manipulation

creature 3.png

Charcoal & Pastel


Yarn & Twigs

creature 2.png

Mixed Media: Wax, Marker & Digital Painting


Felt Tip Marker & Digital Manipulation